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As a long time resident and activist for the community Ruth will make education, housing affordability and public safety her top priorities. Her new vision and voice will ensure all the residents of the 30th ward are heard and their needs are meet.

In Classroom


Every student deserves the opportunity to access a high-quality public education, from Pre-K all the way through college. The recent pandemic has highlighted the current inequities, from unequal broadband access to poor extracurricular opportunities, that keep many students from reaching their full potential. Recognizing the importance of these issues, Ruth will listen to the concerns of students and families to lead the way forward.

Community Garden

Housing Affordability

When it comes to housing affordability, one thing is clear — working families in our community are in dire need of safe, affordable homes. It is critical that the state properly use tax dollars and support families and youth. 

Kids at Playground

Public Safety

Ruth's children have grown up doing active shooter drills and she will work tirelessly to make sure her children will no longer have to. The Illinois legislature just passed bills requiring universal background checks and banning ghost guns which are guns that can be assembled by the user and do not have serial numbers. This is a step in the right direction to keep our communities safer, but there’s more to do.

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