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Ruth Cruz is pro-choice! Period!
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Our Mission

A New 30th Ward that centers community and puts people first.


When elected, Ruth will implement:

  • Participatory Budgeting

  • Community Zoning Committee

  • Youth Committee

  • Ward nights and Saturday open office hours

  • Outdoor pop up office hours in different communities of the Ward 

  • Quarterly Ward Meetings

  • Active and responsive social media presence

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Top Priorities

New Voice for Education

Our schools and teachers deserve the best resources to ensure our children's needs are all being met. As a child of CPS schools, a mother, and someone who has spent over 16 years working in Education, I will fight every day to make sure our kids get a quality education, and are the getting the resources they need no matter what community they live in.

We need to address educational inequities by leveraging our relationships with statewide elected officials to improve per-pupil funding for Chicago Public Schools. We should also be investing in year-round after school programs and crisis intervention counseling.

Women's Rights

I am 100% Pro-Choice and will vote to maintain and expand women’s reproductive rights in Chicago. Women’s rights are under attack all over the country and in our neighboring states; we must ensure Chicago is a place where women can safely get access to healthcare.

New Voice for Public Safety

Public Safety starts with our communities. We need to address root causes of crime such as poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunity and youth programs, education and mental health. I will take a comprehensive approach when it comes to public safety - bringing together local CAPS officers, community organizations, youth programs, schools, non-profits, neighbors, small businesses and all community stakeholders to create strong partnerships. I strongly support bringing in mental health professionals and social workers to assist with de-escalation for situations involving those who suffer from mental illness or drug addiction. This also frees up officers to focus on violent crime and thefts.


I will support Treatment Not Trauma. We need to also ensure our police have access to quality mental health resources too.

In this, and many other areas, we have not been meeting Consent Decree benchmarks.


I will meet with CPD regularly  and work closely with the newly formed Local District Councils to make sure these requirements are being implemented and that Chicago is complying with the Consent Decree.

New Voice for Working Families

As a Mom in a working family, every day I live the economic struggles we are facing in Chicago. I will fight to make our community a more affordable place for residents, seniors, families and local businesses. We can not keep relying so much on property taxes on working families to meet our budget needs.

New Vision for a Green Chicago

I will advocate for a more environmental approach to how our city operates. We need a new Department of Environment that has real teeth to inspect and enforce against polluters who break the law. I will support environmental justice initiatives in all communities across Chicago, this will be a key role of the Department of Environment. Chicago should be a national leader in Green innovation. I would introduce and support legislation that encourages new developments and construction to include more green space; and use solar and clean energy. I would also push for this locally for any new developments that want to come into the 30th Ward.
I also endorse and will support the "Chicago, Bike Grid Now!" initiative to build a network of safe streets for bikes.

New Voice for Mental Health

Chicago is facing a severe mental health crisis since COVID-19 and the City needs to be doing a lot more. Public safety, addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, even traffic safety - just about every aspect of our society is impacted by mental health. I am calling for the creation of a City Council Committee on Mental Health to force the Council to take this issue more seriously. I will advocate for more clinics to be opened - and re-opened. I also support Treatment not Trauma. I will push for the City to allocate significantly more resources to alleviating the suffering of far too many residents and city workers.


My name is Ruth Cruz

In life, we all have a purpose and my purpose is to serve my community. I’m passionate about empowering and guiding my community by connecting them with valuable resources to get results. Constituent Services and addressing fundamental needs for our residents will be a daily priority for me. From making sure our city services are functional, to keeping our neighborhoods are safe, to all day to day neighborhood concerns -  I will have an office that is accessible and responsive. I will also use my education and experience - Master's Degree in Management and 16 years experience managing teams to performance goals - to deliver results for taxpayers and residents. 


I will work closely with other public officials (at the County, State and Federal levels) in addition to Non-Profits and neighborhood organizations to create cohesion and make sure our community is getting the resources it needs. 


I am doing this for the right reasons. As a mom, longtime resident, active community volunteer and Local School council member - I am running to make sure our Ward is a place where families, seniors, small businesses and all residents can thrive.

I hope to earn your vote on February 28th, 2023 to bring a New Voice and New Vision to our New 30th Ward! Email me at or click the "Get Involved" button to ask any questions or get involved!

Ruth Cruz

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The most common way people give up their power is  by thinking they don't have any.

Alice Walker

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